Alameda Mobile Animal Care

IMG_5418A badge of honor

Hello everyone!  My name is Tony Hernandez and I am here to help with all of your pet husbandry needs!

I am a veteran of the United States Army where I served with the 1st Bn 75th Ranger Regiment out of Hunter Army Airfield, Savannah, GA.  We are proud to offer all veterans and senior citizens a 15% discount on all of our services at all times.  

I have a 14 year background in the pet medical field.  I started to work in this field when my beautiful male Akita named Damion was diagnosed with cancer.  When I took Damion in to see the veterinarian, the Dr. was impressed by the way I communicated with and handled Damion.  Beginning shortly thereafter, I started to work in the veterinary field.

Since then, I have worked with many different animals, from dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles, birds, and rescued wildlife (my family had the privilege of nursing back to health a baby possum abandoned in our back yard, which was then taken to a wildlife rehab center).  We love animals here at AMAC.

I completed the two-year veterinary technician program at Carrington College this past year, which was a great academic and clinical supplement to my work experience.  I came out of the program knowing that I wanted to find a way to reach people and pets outside of the hospital and clinic environment.  While my services are not meant to replace the role of a veterinary doctor in your pet’s life, I aim to remove as much stress as possible from the day-to-day basic needs of your animals.  From simple nail trims to administering veterinarian-prescribed treatments (e.g., pilling or subcutaneous fluid administration), I look forward to serving our community. 

We hope to help create stronger family and pet relationships.


A badge of honor

Alameda Mobile Animal Care
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