Bully in a china shop?

This is for everyone that wants to talk in an open and friendly forum about any pet related concerns, ideas, or general thoughts.  So, this is my first endeavor into an open forum like this. So please be kind!  Or NOT!

My opening will be the Bully breeds. Pitbulls, StaffordshireTerrriers, Pocket Pits and everything that has to do with them!  We all know about their reputations and we all have opinions.  But do we have all the facts?  I have my opinion, but do I have all the facts?

I have had a few different breeds of dogs in my life and have handled almost all other breeds in my line of work.  So many different temperaments have passed before my eyes, I start to see human behavior.  Maybe that is a little weird or awkward, but it is true.  I have two pits.  one is a Staffordshire and one is an American Bully.  Ever since meeting these two beautiful Lady PIts, I have been fascinated by the general publics concerns.  Here are my 2 thoughts.

1. (And most important to me)  Owner Responsibility! Come on people, our pets depend upon us to do the right thing by them and the general public so that no persons and no animals get hurt.

2. Genetics. If you do not know yet,  aggressive behavior can be bred in to and out of any breed of canine. If done correctly, it can take around three to four years, depending upon what you are working with.

What are your thoughts and ideas on this subject.  Don’t be shy!

4 thoughts on “Bully in a china shop?

  1. I think it is very important for the owner to know his/her dog. There is a lot of attention in the media given to Pitbulls, but all dogs can bite, we just don’t see all the media feeding into it. While I understand people have fears, I have met incredibly nice Pitbulls whom I would certainly trust more readily around kids than other smaller breeds of dogs whom I have seen bite . Understandably Pitbulls have large jaws, which can seem scary, but it depends on temperament, knowing your dog, reading his signals, and being aware that they are animals–they cannot always communicate with us, so we need to know their personal signs of when they’ve had enough. Owners are so important–as they read their dogs better than anyone. Don’t judge a dog based solely on breed–there are too many other factors and the media hype of Pitbulls is an unfair disadvantage to the breed as a whole.

    • Yes Aviva, all dogs have the capacity to bite. And we must be aware of the signals they give us because those signals are their way of communication. Our pets communicate through body posturing, articulation of the ears, lips, tail, hair standing up, and vocalization. Our pets do talk to us, if only we would listen to them and obey leash laws and have full control of our pets.

  2. Aware, meaning, know your pets capabilities and fears so that you ( the owner) can keep full control of any situation that you may be faced with. Full control of your pet is the law and it makes sense.

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