Affordable in-home pet husbandry services provided by a trained veterinary tech.

Pet Nail Trims (Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Bird, Guinea Pig, etc…): Standard nail trims with or without dremel.

Anal glands expressed: Get your pet’s anal glands expressed before they express themselves all over your furniture.

SQ Fluids: Professional administration of subcutaneous fluids previously prescribed by veterinarian.

Basic Summer Cuts and Dematting: Cool down your pet for summer, or get rid of matted hair which can become hot spots.

Baths (In or Out of Home): Basic bath and conditioning (in home bath requires bath tub).

Exclusive Dog Walking/Talking/Playtime: One on one time with your dog. Prescribe your own walking routes, commands and playstyle.

Ear Cleaning and/or Plucking: Feel like your  pet can’t hear you? I can help fix that by cleaning out all that wax.

New Pet Home Evaluation: Home evaluation to ensure your home is safe and pet friendly for you and your new companion.

Pet Taxi: Door to door service getting your pet safely to and from all necessary appointments.

See Pricing to understand AMAC rates

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